Many of our clients who have visited the Yucatan Peninsula fall in love with the people, the land, and the culture that make this area of Mexico so delightful.  We looked to find a way we can “bottle” the experience visitors and residents experience each day they spend here.

We would like to share with you a video we created to give you an idea of what the Yucatan has to offer.  Take a minute or two to “visit” this enchanting corner of the world with Mexico International Real Estate as your guide.  We hope you enjoy yourself!

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If you have any questions about what it is like to live and work in Mexico please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

You gaze from your swaying hammock at the clear blue sky and the turquoise waters lapping against the shore. A gentle breeze off the water keeps you cool despite the tropical heat. The scene looks and feels like the Caribbean. But there’s something missing: the salt on your skin and sand in your bathing suit. If you love the beach but hate washing off the salt, Lake Bacalar is worth a visit.

Located an hour from the Caribbean coast, Bacalar enjoys a tropical climate. In certain lights, its waters also look like the Caribbean – that same neon turquoise.

There are no chain hotels, mega-resorts or fancy restaurants here. Instead, you find small family-run hotels and restaurants and a community where people know each other by sight if not by name. It’s the kind of place where, when hotel space runs out, folks start phoning their friends to find visitors a spare room to rent.

Long sacred to the Maya, Lake Bacalar still casts its spell on visitors, including a growing number of expats.

Jim Bacon and his wife, Polly Gropen, moved to Bacalar more than six years ago. Leaving behind Minnesota’s winters, they settled here full-time and haven’t looked back.

“We decided we could either take a chance, come here and retire a few years early or stay in Minnesota longer and play it safe”, says Jim.

He nods toward their lakefront house, their dock and the two sailboats that lie anchored just offshore to indicate which option they chose. “Fortunately, it all worked out.”

Like most of the expats here, Jim and Polly love the water. And there’s plenty to enjoy: On any warm, sunny day (which, at Lake Bacalar, is most of the year) you’re likely to see dozens of swimmers, several sailboats and a number of kayaks on the lake. One hotel in the area is also trying to popularize windsurfing.

Low home prices drew Jim and Polly years back. Prices have risen since. But a house here -even lakeside- still costs less than what you’d pay for a beachfront house as little as an hour away.

These prices, along with Lake Bacalar’s unspoiled nature, are bringing expats and investors to this corner of Mexico in ever- greater numbers.

Lakeside Living Near the City

The Yucatan Peninsula is rich in freshwater lakes and waterways that lead to the Caribbean. Lake Bacalar is the crown jewel. Fed by cenotes (deep sinkholes in the limestone shelf that lead to underground rivers), the lake is cool, clear and spectacularly varied in color -from a translucent turquoise to a deep navy blue.

“Titled lakefront lots near the town of Bacalar tend to run in the low $100,000s.”

Lake Bacalar

For sheer natural beauty and tranquility, Lake Bacalar is tough to beat. Much of the lakeshore is still wild and undeveloped. It is likely to remain that way for years, as much of the land is untitled. But most property in the town of Bacalar does have title. You can also find titled properties -and lower prices- in the small town of Buenavista, about 12 miles to the north.

Steer well clear of properties without proper title. Instead, rely on the several reputable real estate agencies that can show you titled properties in this area. These include Bacalar Properties (www.bacalarproperties.com) in Bacalar; Mexico International (www.mexintl.com) in Merida; and One Stop Real Estate (www.onestopmc.com) in Playa del Carmen.

You’ll find both lakefront homes and townhouses for sale in Bacalar. Houses along the 3-mile stretch of shore known as the Costera Bacalar tend to be pricey; expect to pay $250,000 and up for houses here. Away from the water, prices drop dramatically. A three-bedroom house in town, for instance, generally runs well under $100,000. But many of these need upgrades to plumbing and wiring.

Outside the town of Bacalar, you’ll generally find only lots for sale. According to Nick Hunter of Bacalar Properties, construction in the Lake Bacalar area runs $65 to $95 per square foot, depending on the architect you use and the materials you want.

Titled lakefront lots near the town of Bacalar tend to run in the low $100,000s. Around Buenavista, which is still undiscovered, you can find titled lakefront lots for as little as half that. It is a much smaller town than Bacalar and farther from amenities (and expats). But if you’re willing to wait for the amenities to catch up to you, Buenavista offers some excellent bargains.

For more information on living in Mexico, go to: www.internationalliving.com/mexicoom

Price reduced

drastically reduced to $99,000 USD, making it a fast sale!!!:




Merida is an enchanting city with much to enjoy and little to cause complaint. Approachable and friendly, the citizens find their roots in the Mayan, Spanish, French and Lebanese culture. This is a civilized city where people are civil to one another. Neighbors know each other and often, are related.  Family is not just important here, family is everything – as is a sense of community. People belong here.

It is safe here. Violent crime is practically unheard of.  As in any city of million people, there is petty street crime. However, no matter where you go in the city or at what hour, you will not feel intimidation. There is not that nagging fear that exist in so many cities.  There is an overall gentleness that pervades.

Handguns are not permitted. There is a large police presence – traffic police, city police, tourist police, state police and federal police. This police presence does deter criminal activity. However, with all these police available, there is not an atmosphere of police repression. The police are here FOR you!  They are not out to GET you.

The streets are energized with people at all hours. The city is alive and the citizens feel safe to be on the streets. People walk here. There is a constant flow of activity – buses, bikes, motor scooters, taxis and cars. Occasionally, traffic can be a test of patience in the center city, but it is a testimony to a vibrant community in an ancient city.

Architecturally, Merida is a feast for the eyes.  From the grandeur of fabulous French style mansions, to the uncompromising grace of a perfect colonial arch in a small courtyard garden, few places rival Merida in architectural variety and charm.  Wander the center city or the outer neighborhoods, and you’ll be delighted when you suddenly stumble upon a turn-of-the-century hacienda, colonial casona, or a charming, worn stone church. There are places here where time literally stands still.

Merida offers an abundance of gastronomic delights. With Merida’s excellent location and climate, residents and visitors enjoy a grand variety of year-round tropical fruits, vegetables, seafood and meats.  Located less than 30-minutes from the Gulf of Mexico, the local markets and restaurants provide a feast of fresh shellfish, mollusks and fish. Ranches that specialize in pork, poultry and beef surround Merida.

Almost any cuisine is available in Merida — French, Italian, Spanish, Lebanese, Vegetarian, Argentinian, Chinese and Japanese, Thai, Fusion and more!   The local Yucatecan cuisine is habit forming.  You will find yourself craving “cochinita, lechon, carnitas, barbacoa, pavo relleno, panuchos, salbutes, frijol y puerco and hundreds of fabulous local dishes and tacos.  Probecho!

The cultural scene in Merida is top notch!  The soul must be fed and Merida serves up a stellar menu of arts, dance, symphony, jazz, recitals, poetry readings, theatre, cinema, markets, parks, fairs and bazaars.  The government and local residents patronize the arts.  Culture is important and art galleries are flourishing.  Every night of the week there is something “happening” in Merida.   Street dances or singing, art openings, wine tasting, music recitals, poetry readings, discussion groups, professional baseball and soccer games, annual festivals, color and fun. Don’t forget – Carnival!   Entry fees and tickets are very inexpensive and often are free. In the year 2000, Merida was named the first American Capital of Culture.

Merida is a vast metropolitan city that seems small. There is something here for everyone and every budget.  For more information on Merida or purchasing homes in Merida, please contact me.

Mitchell Jay Keenan, CRS


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Mitchell Keenan will be writing the majority of our postings so it will be important for our readers to learn more about him and why he is so passionate about his new home in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. 

About Mitchell

Mitchell Keenan, GRI, CRS received his Colorado real estate license in 1989. He obtained his GRI (Graduate Realtor Institute) in 1993 and his CRS (Certified Residential Specialist) in 1995. Since 1992, he has consistently performed in the top ten percent of Realtors in the United States and Mexico.

A 1981 graduate of Fort Hays State University in Kansas, Keenan received a BS Degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in marketing.

Keenan began a career with Continental Airlines in 1984 where he worked as a flight service manager and in-flight safety, service and motivational instructor for 10-years. Continental offered early retirement packages, with flight benefits, in 1993.

He was seduced into the real estate business by his friend and mentor, Charlie Gerretson in 1988. In 1989 he became a partner and vice-president of marketing for Gerretson Realty, Inc. In 1996, Keenan sold his shares of Gerretson Realty, Inc. and joined his brother at Keenan & Company – Metro Brokers.

With retirement travel passes and a desire to open a real estate business in Mexico, Keenan came upon the idea to create a web site that promoted property in Mexico. Thus was born “MIGUELS MEXICO” – the first internet site of its kind, promoting real estate in Mexico.

The original web site promoted properties in Acapulco, Cancun, Cozumel, Mazatlan, Merida and Puerto Vallarta.

Keenan fell in love with Merida and in 1996 he opened the Merida offices of Propiedades Las Piramides, S.A de C.V. In 2004, the company name was changed to Mexico International Real Estate.

Mitch lives on a quinta in the countryside with his companion and their dogs; Lover, Lucky, Wazer and Junior. 

Don’t just read about Mitchell- watch a great YouTube posting and hear about his passions for yourself!


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